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Reference Number
Decision Issued
Description of proposal
Erection of a new school building including primary school, secondary school and sports hall facility, associated site re-development including new pedestrian and vehicular access and playing surfaces anddemolition works to existing high school building
Application Type
Planning-Full (Building Works)
Location Address 2
Holywell High School Strand Walk
Location Address 3
Location Post Code
Community / Town Council
Holywell Town Community
Holywell Central
Northing Map Coordinate
Easting Map Coordinate
Applicant Name
Flintshire County Council
Applicant Address 1
County Hall Raikes Lane
Applicant Address 2
Applicant Address 3
Applicant Post Code
Agent Name
Lovelock Mitchell Architects
Agent Address 1
3 Stanley Street
Agent Address 2
Agent Address 5
Case Officers Name
Mr D G Jones
Case Officers Telephone
01352 703281
Date Valid
Decision Target Date
10/04/2014 00:00:00
Decision Date
Committee Date

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Decision Level
Decision Type
Decision Date
05/06/2014 00:00:00


Associated Documents

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Document File size Mb
13145-LM_100_01 3.12
Additional Drawing 1115-120-B Site Plan as Proposed - Sheet 1 1.04
Additional Drawing 1115-102-E- Block Site Plan as Proposed 1.73
3D Axonometric Views 1.22
13145-LM_101_01 1.07
ADDITIONAL Security Report 0.04
ADDITIONAL Ecology Report 1.79
Additional Drawing 1115-122-B Site Plan as Proposed - Sheet 3 1.00
Additional Drawing 1115-121-B Site Plan as Proposed - Sheet 2 1.31
Block Plan as Existing 1.67
B4218 LMA 1003 E - External Site Security and Access Strategy 1.26
B4218 LMA 1002 D - Block Site Plan as Proposed 1.53
Application Form 0.10
First Floor Plan as Proposed 0.64
Elevations as Proposed 3.19
Decision Notice (Planning)_A4 0.16
Block Plan as Proposed 1.72
Landscaping Plan 1 5.69
Internal Views 1.50
Holywell Co-Located School App_RevA 29.45
Ground Floor Plan as Proposed 0.98
Perspective Views - Sheet 2 0.82
Perspective Views - Sheet 1 0.87
Location Plan 1.65
Landscaping Plan 2 5.81
Roof Plan as Proposed 0.50
Proposed Images of Holywell School 13.10
Planning Statement 11.26
Perspective Views - Sheet 3 0.80
Site Demolition Plan - Sheet 3 1.12
Site Demolition Plan - Sheet 2 1.61
Site Demolition Plan - Sheet 1 0.84
Second Floor Plan as Proposed 0.47
Site Sections as Existing 0.52
Site Plan as Proposed - Sheet 3 0.83
Site Plan as Proposed - Sheet 2 1.30
Site Plan as Proposed - Sheet 1 1.03
Video Walkthrough of the Holywell School site 0.01
Traffic Management Plan Rev 2 AMENDED 191214 0.71
Site Sections as Proposed - Sheet 2 0.81
Site Sections as Proposed - Sheet 1 0.72


Officers Report for Committee:

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