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Reference Number
Decision Issued
Description of proposal
Erection of a foodstore, associated car parking, access, servicing andlandscaping (partly retrospectively)
Application Type
Planning-Full (Building Works)
Comment By
Location Address 1
Land west of
Location Address 2
Broughton Shopping Park,
Location Address 3
Location Address 4
Community / Town Council
Broughton & Bretton Community Council
Broughton North East
Northing Map Coordinate
Easting Map Coordinate
Applicant Name
Aldi GmbH & Co KG
Applicant Address 1
Chester High Road
Applicant Address 2
Applicant Address 3
Applicant Post Code
CH64 3TS
Agent Address 1
1 Piccadilly Gardens
Agent Address 2
Agent Address 5
M1 1RG
Case Officers Name
Emma Hancock
Case Officers Telephone
01352 703254
Date Valid
Decision Target Date
07/01/2016 00:00:00
Decision Date
Decision Level
Decision Type
Approved after completing Legal Agreement
Decision Date
01/04/2016 00:00:00


Associated Documents

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Document File size Mb
Typical Manhole Details 7586 D 401 REV T1_A1 0.17
Typical Drainage Details 7586 D 402 REV T1_A1 0.21
Transport Assessment_Part 2_A4 4.12
Transport Assessment_Part 1_A4 3.49
Traffic Signs & Road Markings CL 94 07 REV P5_A1 5.39
Traffic Signs & Road Markings CL 94 07 REV P4_A1 5.47
Topographical Survey CL 94 01 REV P1_A1 4.02
Statement of Community Involvement_A4 2.17
Site Lighting to Car Park & CCTV 5038 G 102 Rev A_A0 0.80
Site Clearance CL 94 03 REV P4_A1 4.48
Single GRP Substation 0291B NES 167_A1 0.67
Sewers & Drains Specification_A4 0.07
Schedule of Materials_A4 0.04
Risk Management Plan CL 94 10 REV P4_A1 5.85
Proposed Site Plan 0291B NES-161 REV C_A0 1.70
Proposed Shutter Detail 0291B NES 164_A3 0.26
Proposed Sections & Levels 0291B NES 165_A1 2.43
Proposed Levels CL 94 04 REV P4_A1 5.07
Proposed General Arrangement 0291B NES 162_A1 0.32
Proposed Elevations in Colour 0291B NES V163_A3 0.22
Proposed Elevations 0291B NES 163_A2 2.50
Proposed Drainage Plan 7586 D 102 REV T1_A1 0.64
Planning Statement 3.72
Planning & Retail Statement_A4 0.65
Pavement CL 94 05 REV P4_A1 5.86
Noise Impact Assessment 5.15
Nesting Bird Check_A4 0.05
Manhole Schedule 7586 D 404 REV T1_A1 0.06
Location Plan 0291B NES-159_A3 0.27
Landscape Plan Car Park Extension V0291B L02_A0 1.09
Land Transfer Plan CL 94 09 REV P4_A1 4.94
Invasive Species Survey_A4 0.13
Highways Site Access 0.19
General Arrangement CL 94 02 REV P4_A1 5.53
Flood Consequences Assessment 10.68
Existing Site Plan 0291B NES 160_A0 1.09
Drainage Existing Plan 7586 D 01 REV T1_A1 0.56
Drainage & Services CL 94 06 REV P4_A1 5.22
Design & Access Statement_A4 3.13
Construction Traffic Management Plan_A4 0.16
Construction Details CL 94 08 REV P2_A1 4.60
Car Park Lighting Layout 5038 E 400 D 2_A1 1.08
Boundary Treatments 0291B NES 166_A2 1.58
Attenuator Drawings_A4 0.25
Attenuation Tank & Oil Separator Details 7586 D 403 REV T1_A1 0.29
Application Form_A4 0.10
Amphibian RAMS_A4 1.95
Aerial View 0291B NES V161C_A3 1.77
Acoustic Window Details_A4 0.19
100216 0291B NES-161E Proposed Site Plan - A0 1.34
10216 0291B NES - 163A Proposed Elevations - A2 2.54
AMENDED 0291B NES - 163A Proposed Elevations - A2 2.54
AMENDED 0291B NES-161E Proposed Site Plan - A0 1.34


Officers Report for Committee:

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Committee Minute(s) for the Application:

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