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Reference Number
Appeal Determined

[Appeal Determined: When a formal decision has been made by the Welsh Assembly Government.]

Description of proposal
Construction of 32No dwellings including new vehicle access point, public open space, car parking and landscaping.
Application Type
Planning-Full (Building Works)
Comment By
Location Address 1
Land at
Location Address 2
Hawarden Road
Location Address 3
Location Address 4
Location Post Code
Community / Town Council
Penyffordd Community Council
Northing Map Coordinate
Easting Map Coordinate
Applicant Address 1
C/O Agent
Agent Address 1
Brandon House King Street
Agent Address 2
Agent Address 3
Agent Address 5
WA16 6DX
Case Officers Name
Mr D G Jones
Case Officers Telephone
01352 703281
Date Valid
Decision Target Date
08/05/2017 00:00:00
Decision Date
Decision Level
Decision Type
Decision Date
14/09/2017 00:00:00
Appeal Received Date
Appeal Decision
Appeal Type
Public Inquiry
Appeal Decision Date


Associated Documents

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Document File size Mb
2017-03-06 3274 Drainage Assessment Final v1.2 1.83
2017-03-10 L2 Application Cover Letter 0.08
2433 102B Landscape Strategy Plan 1.48
Agri Land Classification Report Penyffordd 2.77
Appendix A - Development Proposals 2.38
Appendix B - Terra Consult Infiltration Testing Report 1.59
Appendix C - Topographic Survey 0.31
Appendix D - MicroDrainage Network Model Outputs – Surface Water 0.09
Appendix E - Drainage Layout 4.64
Appendix F - DCWW Public Sewer Record 0.95
Appendix G - MicroDrainage Network Model Outputs – Foul Water 0.04
Application Form 0.32
Design & Access Statement 5.67
Ecological Appraisal 3.65
Final Penyffordd Planning Statement 1.64
House type A Plans & elevations 15-101-P02 0.24
House Type B Plans & elevations 15-101-P03 0.24
House Type C Plans & elevations 15-101-P04 0.24
House Type D Plans & elevations 15-101-P05 0.24
House Type F Plans & Elevations 15-101-P07 0.24
House Type G Plans & elevations 15-101-P08 0.24
Hydrological Modelling Assessment 4.50
Phase 1 Ground Condition Survey 2.19
Pre-Application Consultation Statement - Final 2.59
Transport Statement 4.33
Tree Report 2.04
Utilities Asset Information 3.68
15-101-P06 0.24
Location plan 15-101-L01 0.24
Proposed site layout 15-101-P01A-colour 2.95
Proposed streetscene and site sections 15-101-P09-colour 1.66
Additional Info 28 03 17 Acoustic Report 0.99
SUPERSEDED 07 06 17 Additional Info 19 05 17 Sustainability Assessment 0.17
Additional Information 07 06 17 Letter from Reading Consultants re ALC_Redacted 0.14
Amended 07 06 17 Sustainability Statement Version 2 0.22
Additional Info 16 06 17 Acoustic Barrier 1.32
16 06 17 Drainage Assessment 8.21
Appeal Decision_A4 0.18


Officers Report for Committee:

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Committee Minute(s) for the Application:

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