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Reference Number
Under Consideration

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Description of proposal
Erection of an advanced gasification plant and associated development
Application Type
Planning-Full (Building Works)
Comment By
Location Address 1
Land Off
Location Address 2
Weighbridge Road
Location Address 3
Deeside Industrial Estate
Location Address 4
Location Post Code
Community / Town Council
Connah's Quay Town Council
Connahs Quay Central
Northing Map Coordinate
Easting Map Coordinate
Agent Address 1
Units 21 & 22 Ffordd William Morgan
Agent Address 2
St Asaph Business Park
Agent Address 3
St Asaph
Agent Address 4
Agent Address 5
LL17 0JD
Case Officers Name
Mr D McVey
Case Officers Telephone
01352 703266
Date Valid
Decision Target Date
10/08/2021 00:00:00


Associated Documents

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Document File size Mb
Application Form 0.20
Drainage Strategy Report 29 4662-CAU-XX-XX-RP-C-0301-S4-P01 0.14
East and West Elevations 6. 20034-FRA-03-ZZ-A-10-0201_P02 1.24
Existing Site Plan 3. 20034-FRA-03-ZZ-A-10-0004_P01 0.57
GA Heavy Rejects Storage Building Floor Plans 22. 20034_FRA_03-ZZ-A-10-0110_P01 0.32
GA Workshop and Vehicle Store Floor Plans 14. 20034_FRA-03-ZZ-A-10-0120_P01 0.34
Heavy Rejects Building Elevs 21. 20034-FRA-03-ZZ-A-10-0210_P01 0.38
Level 00 Plan 7. 20034-FRA-03-00-A-10-0100_P02 0.49
Level 01 Plan 8. 20034-FRA-03-00-A-10-0101_P02 0.31
Level 02 Plan 9. 20034-FRA-03-00-A-10-0102_P02_ 0.30
Level 03 Plan 10. 20034-FRA-03-00-A-10-0103_P02_ 0.29
Level 04 Plan 11. 20034-FRA-03-00-A-10-0104_P02 0.29
Noise Impact Assessment Report Ref 10193038 28. 0.67
North and South Elevations 5. 20034-FRA-03-ZZ-A-10-0200_P02 1.23
PAC Report 4662.CAU.XX.XX.RP.T.9102.S4.C1 - 2.95
Proposed Customer Switch Room Plans 15. 20034-FRA-03-ZZ-A-10-0140_P01 0.33
Proposed Odour Control Scrubber Plant 19. 20034-FRA-03-ZZ-A-10-0130_P01 0.34
Proposed Pumphouse Plans 18. 20034-FRA-03-ZZ-A-10-0170_P01 0.35
Proposed Site Plan 4a. 20034-FRA-03-ZZ-A-10-0002_P02 1.54
Proposed Substation Plans 17. 20034-FRA-03-ZZ-A-10-0160_P01 0.36
Proposed Switch Room Plans 16. 20034-FRA-03-ZZ-A-10-0150_P01 0.35
Roof Plan 12. 20034-FRA-03-RF-A-10-0105_P02 0.25
Scrubber 2 stage 70000Nm3h Spec 20 0.66
Sections A-A and B-B-Gasification Unit 23. 20034-FRA-03-ZZ-A-10-0300_P0 1.96
Sections C-C and D-D-Gasification Unit 24. 20034-FRA-03-ZZ-A-10-0301_P02 3.22
Sections E-E and F-F-Gasification Unit 25. 20034-FRA-03-ZZ-A-10-0302_P02 0.95
Site Location Plan 1. 20034-FRA-03-ZZ-A-10-0001 P02 0.67
Site Sections 4b. 20034-FRA-03-ZZ-A-10-0003_P02 0.33
Supporting Planning Statement 4662-CAU-XX-XX-RP-T-9100-C1 0.57
Transport Review Report 4662-CAU-XX-XX-RP-C-0300.C0 1.15
Waste Planning Assessment 4662-CAU-XX-XX-RP-T-9101-C1 0.37
Workshop_Vehicle_Store_Elevs 13. 20034-FRA-03-ZZ-A-10-0220_P01 0.42
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 06.08.2021 - Air Quality Impact Assessment 13.30
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 06.08.2021 - Preliminary Ecological Appraisal 3.94


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