Comment on an application


To comment on a current application, please complete the form below.

Please read the pre-comment advice before making a comment. Please note that legally we must allow the public to see any comments we receive about planning applications. This means that we cannot treat any comments as confidential.

What issues or concerns can I raise?

The issues you raise must involve planning matters such as:

  1. Impact on residential amenity (e.g. hours of use, loss of privacy, loss of light, over dominance, noise, traffic)
  2. Impact on the character and appearance of an area (design, appearance and intensity)
  3. Impact on highway safety (e.g. poor visibility, pedestrian safety, parking)
  4. Impact on community facilities
  5. Planning policies and proposals, or Government planning advice.

We cannot take into account comments on the following types of concerns:

  1. Personal characteristics of the applicant
  2. The effect of the proposal on property values
  3. Disturbances during building work
  4. Loss of view
  5. Private rights of way, private drains and other private easements and legal covenants
  6. Disputes over land ownership
  7. Commercial competition
  8. Building Regulation issues (e.g. structural stability, drainage, fire precautions, hygiene and internal space).


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You are advised to print a copy of this page for your records before submitting your comment. An acknowledgement that your comment has been received will be sent out by email after you click on submit

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